Monday, October 10, 2011

2k Flesh Tearers vs Ultramarines

Got a game in against a friends ultramarine army the other day.  The end result was a tie, though I was on the ropes the whole game.  I'm not going to go into the match itself; rather, I just wanted to post some pictures of the amazing paint job my opponent has done.  I wish I managed to get some more photo's and plan to do so in the future.  Anyway I got three up close shots as follows:

Take a close look at the freehand work done on the dozer blade.  Simply unreal.  The landraider is not finished but you can see the work being done with more amazing freehand work.  The last shot just shows the standard the army is painted to.  It was a real pleasure playing this army and seeing how far a guy can take this hobby.

That's all for now, painting for me has slowed down but is still plugging along.  Still working on getting my first 1k painted to completion.

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