Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seth Nearly Complete

Worked on Seth again, and I'm nearly done.  I'm not ecstatic about the face but it will do for now.  I need to paint his backpack and cape then I'm going to call him done.  If they ever release him as finecast, I might take a second crack at him.  One thing about using a high res camera is that all the imperfections become abundantly clear when viewing the mini blown up.  On the table top I think he is looking good so onward on forwards.

Here is another photo from a different angle:


  1. He's looking pretty sweet.

    Here is what I did with him.

  2. Thanks for the feed back man. I like the blue tint you added on your Seth. I was thinking I would like to do a silver blue hue to the iron halo. Not sure how to pull it off though. Great blog you have by the way.