Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I think Robotech may be the death of 40K.

I've ordered my "battle cry" Robotech boxed set that should come with a good number of miniatures next December. If Eldar or Lizardmen fail to capture my imagination, this blog might switch gears to a new game system. From what I can tell Robotech is going to be a great game. I sure hope 40k remains a great game. Who am I kidding. Of course 40k will remain a great game. It still is. The problem is they might not remain at the top. Kickstarter may be their downfall. With 3D printers and the ability to send an idea across the internet, GW better pick up their game. I will continue to pay the high price if they continue to bring me a better product. But what can I say, I like Robotech better than any other IP. Now kickstarter has brought me this game in a miniature format. GW better pick up their game.

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