Saturday, July 6, 2013

Eldar update: 1250 point army nearly done, 1500 in sight.

The path of least resistance is one I decided to tread.  Was not really up for painting another group of ten dire avengers, so I pulled out from storage a squad of storm guardians I used to run in 5th.  It will be a lot easier to finish them up rather than go through another ten white helmets.  Also with points saved I can throw in a crimson hunter in my 1250 list.  Also wanted to try out the night spinner so I got out my conversion knife.  Cut the fire prism gun off and then magnetized it.  Also magnetized some spinner barrels for the night spinner.   The above now (absent the wraith knight) comes in at 1250 on the dot.  Bringing the list up to 1500 I'll add the wraith knight.  Going beyond that to 1850 I've 5 d-scyth wraithguard and serpent I'll add.

The 1250 list:

Farseer - singing spear

10 Storm Guardians - 2 fusion guns, wave serpent, holo, lasers
2 x 10 Avengers - wave serpent, lasers

Crimson Hunter

Fire Prism
Night Spinner

Painting wise, it is a lot easier to paint up the crimson hunter than another ten avengers.  So the end is in sight to having a completed 1250 army.  I've been thinking an autarch might be a better choice for the above to assist the CH.  I can take him stock with the banshee mask, thus freeing up 30 points to put holo fields on the avenger wave serpents.  Or I can give the autarch the fire saber to make the storm guardians half decent in an assault.

With the farseer I've given him the spear and the guardians fusion guns: as those three guided anti tank shots will do in a pinch if I need to drop a landraider or monolith.  It was how I ran the squad back in 5th and it did well for me.  For now the unit will stay as is.  I'm happy with how the farseer turned out so I plan to use him aplenty.  I think after my army is complete at the 1250 level and I have time before the lizardmen drop, I might return to the chaos marines.

I've had a hankering to make up a nurgle sorcerer to act as an antagonist to farseer dumuzi.  The 1250 army is primed and on the way to being painted.  Would be cool to have two completed 1250 lists so that I might get some games in with friends that otherwise would not be interested in the initial start up cost of the hobby.

In closing, the state of my eldar army is looking good.  It is 100 percent a plastic army and built up to 1850.  It includes all the new mini's I bought as well.  Is it hyper competitive - likely no - but it can hold its own.  At 1250 I have a lot of tools to play with on Thursday game nights.  That's all for now.

-- edit --

Thinking about it some more, bringing the list up to 1850 I should swap out the farseer for a spirit seer and use the iyanden army list.  I can then make my wraith knight the warlord and the d-scyth wraithguard are now scoring.  Battle focus would be deadly on the wraithguard and wraithknight.  Can also afford to take the item that allows me to heal wounds on a 3+.  If I drop the holo stones on the guardians and give them flame weapons then I should have 25 points to play with.  Not sure how much it costs but if 25 points or less can take item that allows the wraithguard to accept challenges rather than the spirit seer.  I think a fairly solid list.

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