Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mechdar at 1K

Where I play my weekly game the points limit is 1000 with quite a variety of armies and builds.  Its competitive and filled with veteran players.  While I am not a veteran I'm certainly competitive.  This is my 1000pt list I plan to play test over the next few weeks before I expand to 1.5K points.

-Farseer: Guide, Singing Spear, Runes of Warding

-10 Avengers with Exarch, Dual-Catapults, Bladestorm mounted in a Wave Serpent with EML and Stone
-10 Storm Guardians with 2 Flamers, Warlock, Destructor, Singing Spear mounted Wave Serpent as above.
-5 Avengers

-Falcon with Holo-Field, Stone and Bright-Lance
-Fire Prism

I think this list will require patience to play, but is a good introduction to playing mechdar at a 1000 points.  The plan is simply to stay out of range until late game before making a dash to claim objectives.  During the first few turns while holding back focus fire the long range weapons that include: 1 twin-linked Pulse Rifle, 1 twin-linked Bright-Lance, 2 twin-linked ELMs and the Night Spinner Cannon.  The Farseer and 5 man Avenger squad will go with the Falcon.  The Farseer will guide the Falcon.  I think normally one would equip the Falcon with an EML, I just like the way the Pulse Laser looks on the Falcon better.  Also, having a twin-linked lance weapon never hurts either.

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