Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alaitoc 1k List with Hawks

Read a good article on Hawks here:

Thought I would try a 1K Alaitoc list with Hawks.

- Farseer: Doom, RoW. Singing Spear - 98 pts

-10 Avengers and Exarch: Bladestorm, Dual Catapults, Wave Serpent, Stones, EML - 282 pts
-10 Storm Guardians and Warlock: Destructor, 2 Flame Throwers, Wave Serpent, Stones, EML - 257 pts
- 5 Rangers

Fast Attack:
- 4 Swoop Hawks and 1 Exarch: Sun Rifle, Intercept, Sky Leap - 152

- Night Spinner - 115

Total Points: 999

This list is all about disruption and focused fire.  I think the Night Spinner will help a lot with slowing down an opponent.  Especially combined with Doom.  There is a big problem with the lack of AT, however, part of the reasoning behind this list is to test out the Intercept ability of the Hawks.

I think the way to play this list would be to try and direct the assaulting enemy down what ever lanes of fire I put the Rangers in.  Again I think the Night Spinner will be able to help out big time by forcing dangerous and difficult terrain tests.  I especially think this list might do ok against Nids at 1K as the strength of the Hawks lasgun is not so much of a problem.  Also against Nids, the Hawks, Avengers and Storm Guardians could clean up on infantry turn two.  The Hawks then would put out a healthy amount of 14 shots that have a two in three chance to hit.  And with the aid of Doom a 75 percent chance to wound against gaunts and other t3 models.  The large Hawk pie plate would be nice against Nids as well.  Also, the Rangers would help put a dent in Monstrous Creatures.  There are also two twin linked EML to help out with Monstrous Creatures as well.

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