Friday, February 22, 2013

WOW some awesome models that have been/will be released.

Man one thing I have to say about this demon model release is that the new Chaos demons must be the most complete 6th edition army that is made up of all new miniatures.  The Chaos gods are tempting me away from the lizardmen.  I may have to buy a box of pink horrors to get started on a small ally to accompany my very small chaos marine war band.

As it stands with my chaos marines I have 3 squads of 10 marines.  20 with bolt guns and 4 plasma guns and 10 with bolt pistol and chain swords.  I also have a plastic demon prince with wings.  I have some more chaos odds and ends but it is all in metal.  If I switched back to 40k to pick up chaos marines I would only ever use plastic models.  Throw in a helldrake or two and I think you have the recipe for a fun/good(not perfect)/easy to paint army: to play 6th edition with.

The list that comes to mind is as follows:


Tooled out Demon Prince with level 3 pychic powers, black mace, dimensional key, mark of tzeentch.

3x10 chaos marine squads

Hell Drake


Hearald of Tzeentch

8 Pink Horrors

3 Flamers

3 screamers

Approx 1250 points

But the price of GW's new line is so expensive...

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