Monday, February 25, 2013

All your base are belong to us

Magnitised the bases on the sarus and painted all the bases a base colour in my 1k list.  Army is really coming along.  Temple Guard are qued up next as they are ready to paint.  I changed the pace on my Stegadon.  Used the army painter primer paint but I'll pass on using the dip.  Going to paint it now with the new citidal paint line.

As it stands I've added the old thraka green wash to the scales.  Next step is too wash entire skin + scales with camoshade then drybrush with hellion green.  Also going to try glazing with waywatcher.  If I'm up for it I'll try to layer up some highlights.  Also going to magnitize  the Stegadon's gear to allow me to run an ancient or EoT down the road.

The new demon models almost lured me away from the lizardmen but I'm on track again.   Next up in the que are the Temple Guard.  As soon as they are done I'll have a large chunk of this army painted.  It will be downhill after them.  So far so good.

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