Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Plugging Away With Army Painter

Couple of photo's to show the progress of my 1k list.  Still no chameleons, I'll pick them up on Saturday (also worked in a deal to pick up 8 more cold one calv - still on the sprue).  Orange is done on the skinks, next up brown.  As for the sequence of colours to be painted I think I will go like this: brown, silver, green, white.

The steps in more detail:

1) Brown - weapons
2) Silver - weapons, jewelry
3) Green - eyes, armbands, cloak
4) White - eyes, claws

Once the base coat is down on the skinks its time to dip.  Paint bases brown and finish basing/flocking on all infantry   Then as a reward for getting through all these models I'll take my time with the stegadon.  I think the model is too large to apply the Army Painter dip so I'll try my hand of painting with multiple washes.  This train is still moving along...

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