Monday, June 25, 2012

Refined 500 point Eldar Ally list.

Having some fun thinking up small ally detachments.  It's a great way to get motivated to finish up some old projects.  Going through my piccasa album I found this photo.  It was a 500 point army for an escalation league I never finished.  I think I might still give it a shot.

- Autarch: Spider Pack, Death Spinner, Chain Sword, Mandiblaster

-7 Scorpions + 1 Exarch: Claw, Shadow Strike, Stalker

-5 Pathfinders

Fast Attack:
-5 Spiders

Total Points: 500

I figure the benefit to this list is that it allows me a chance to try out the new outflanking moves.  Have not read much recently but apparently I might be able to co-ordinate their deepstrike/outflank move.  Not a bad list really, as there are no bad lists on the eve of 6th edition.  Hopefully the Eldar and Tearers can have a strong enough alliance that the + 1 reserve roll is army wide.

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