Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blood Angel and Eldar Allies are In

Man, was reading yes the truth hurts and saw this link.  So its official, my flesh tearers and eldar can ally.  When I get my army back from frontline gaming, I will have a solid 1500 point army painted for the table top.  I'm thinking that I want to use my remaining 500 points to buy an Autarch for the +1 to reserve roll. I also figure with flyers coming into the game from reserve always that a reserve roll boast for the tearers could come in handy.  Keeping in mind my previous 1500 point list for the tearers I figure the following 500 point Eldar list would be a fun ally to include.

Autarch - spider pack, fusion gun, powersword, mandiblaster

5 Rangers

5 Scorpions + 1 Exarch - claw, stalker, shadow strike

6 Warp Spiders

I suspect that Rangers will be a good troop choice in 6th.  They can always scout onto an objective off the hop for extra points.  All I really care about is my +1 reserve roll.  Though there is a good chance that the flesh tearers and eldar might not be able to share abilities between the two detachments.  I have not read anywhere what the different tiers of cooperation allows the different armies to do.  If this is the case then I likely will plan out a 500 point list using a farseer.

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