Friday, June 1, 2012

Prepping for 6th edition.

Man I'm completely stoked for 6th edition to drop.  Fantasy is put away and I've pulled out the flesh tearers to start working on again.  In order to facilitate having a completely painted army for 6th I've gone and outsourced the painting on my tanks and death company to Frontline Gaming.  I first started following their blog when they posted a few video's using the rumored 6th edition rule set and have enjoyed reading their content since.  With the crew down in California painting up a large portion of my army, all I have left to do is finish the infantry.  This is something by all rights I should be able to complete for July.  Essentially I've to finish painting up two full squads of marines and start fresh on another 10.  I've the models mostly built and primed so I should be off the the races for 6th edition.  The following will be my list.

Librarian - Lance, Shield

2 Priests

5 man assault squad - melta gun, rhino
5 man assault squad - flamer, rhino
10 man assault squad - 2 melta guns, power fist, rhino
10 man tac squad - melta gun, missile launcher, power fist, rhino
10 man death company - power fist
1 death company dread

2 Baal Preds - assault cannons

Storm Raven - plasma cannon, multi-melta, extra armour

Total Points:  2000

This list gives me 45 feel no pain marines on the table top (or 50 feel no pain wounds on the table).  No support fire, no 4+2, 6+6, or other competitive frameworks to build a list around.  Just a lot of angry fast marines that like to chop stuff up.  I've played the list and it is a lot of fun on the table.

With a painted army complete, I can then take my time and work on the eldar at a more pleasurable pace.  I'm tempted to start fresh though with the Eldar.  I want to try my hand at air brushing an army using a unique colour scheme.  Greens, browns and yellows is something that I've been tossing around in my head.  Anyway, the 5th edition malaise that I had succumbed to has been replaced with an excited anticipation for 6th to drop.  Can't wait.


  1. I too have flesh tearers on deck, working daily on them an hour here and there. I like their color scheme, and some of their fluff. My list includes things I think are cool. My paint job is cleaner then alot of peoples idea for flesh tearers, I'm of the mindset that I paid alot for this hobby so I paint cleaner then most flesh tearers. Check out my blog at just finished my 2, 5 man terminator squads and I'm working on 2 of my rhinos currently.

  2. Awesome blog man, I really dig your models. Rule of Cool, is the only way to go.