Tuesday, December 17, 2013

1850 Escalation Chaos Marines List

Love or hate escalation it is now part of the game.  With that in mind I've been looking at my current options to try out the new rule set.  I'm not to keen on ordering a forge world model for my Eldar list mainly due wanting a plastic army.  With the Eldar then I'll likely look to incorporating Void Shield generators moving forward.

However, I would like to try out a super heavy in a regular game of 40k.  Wanting to limit myself to plastic models I really only have the Lord of Skulls as an option.  I have a small chaos marine force that with the inclusion of only one model jumps it up to 1850.  The list is as follows:

Level 3 Sorcerer - plasma pistol, spell familiar, 5++ save

10 Marines in Rhino - 2 plasma guns, dirge caster
9 Marines in Rhino - 1 plasma gun, dirge caster
2 x 10 Cultists - flamer

Heldrake - baleflamer

Mauler Fiend - lasher tendrils

Super Heavy:
Lord of Skulls

Total Points: 1850

So not the most optimal list but another criteria was to keep everything WYSIWYG.  I think this army could be very fun to play.  Looking at the lord of skulls, for 888 points you are not getting something that is overly powerful for the points.  9 hull points on AV 13 can be burned down in a number of different ways.  However, playing this army you get to charge forward recklessly to smash things up.  Very fun I think.  Not quite ready to buy the lord of skulls model yet, but its nice knowing I have the ability to instantly have an 1850 point army with the purchase of one model.

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