Monday, August 26, 2013

Returning to the Flesh Tearers

I don't know why but I've a hankering to return to the Flesh Tearers.  Must be underdog syndrome.  I think because the army did not transition as well to 6th edition as others that there is more freedom to take a fun list.  No problem then to have Seth leading a frenzied bunch of marines across the table.  If you lose so what lol.  Fooling around with army builder I've been thinking of running the following list at 2000 points:

Librarian - blood lance, shield

Priest - Power Axe

5 man assault squad - rhino, melta gun
5 man assault squad - razorback, twin linked lascannon
10 man assault squad - rhino, 2 melta guns
10 man taq squad - rhino, plasma gun, missile launcher
7 Death Company
1 Death Company Dread - claws

2 Baal Preds - heavy bolter sponsons
Attack Bike - multi-melta

Storm Raven
Pred - lascannon sponsons

2k in total.

In a way its anti-meta in that there is quit a bit of melta weapons in the list.  The way I see it working is the lascannon pred and razorback stay back field giving me some long range cover fire as well as a little 5 man deck chair unit.  The Baal preds will scout move up a flank away from the main thrust of my rhino rush.  Its a move that always paid off in 5th edition.  The three rhinos push into mid table turn one utilizing the 5+ cover save and 5+ FnP bubbles.  Seth then can ride in glory with the death company in the storm raven hitting what ever target presents itself.

Over all the army is the closest I have to completion.  I have all the models.  Going to give it a spin next time I play.

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