Thursday, July 14, 2011

Storm of Magic

I picked up the new storm of magic book.  Looks like it would be a lot of fun.  I've been wanting to try out fantasy ever since 8th came out.  I figure this might be a good time to dive in.  If I buy one box of saurus I can build the following 2k lizardman list.

Slann - Cupped Hands, Ironcurse icon, Higher State of Mind, The Becalming, Unfathomable, Lore of Light

Skink Priest - Cloak of Feathers, level 2 wizard
Scar-Vet - Shield, BsB

16 Saurus Warrior - Shield and Sword, musician, standard bearer
20 Saurus Warrior - Shield and Spear, champion, standard, musician
(2) 12 skink skirmishers

6 Cold One Calv - champion, standard, musician, Flaming Banner

2 salamanders with extra handlers
1 Ancient Steg

Comes out to 2k total.  I plan to take the lore of light.  For my 500 points of monsters I'm looking at buying a carnosaur and a barebones steg.  100 points left over for weapon.  Not sure how it will play but it will look cool.  Plus I get to include a carnosaur along with a slann.  I figure I would build my slann to go solo and leave the temple guard behind.  

As an aside, it seems that if you want to hold a fulcrum with your slann you cannot take temple guard in the army.  Rules conflict where the fulcrum only allows a wizard and/or mount to occupy a fulcrum, and that a temple guard must stay attached to a slann if both units are on the board.

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