Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eldar vs Guard 1.5k

I got a game in yesterday with the my seer council/wraithguard list.  I lost, but it was a close game.  Played against an IG mech list.  From memory I believe he had the following:

Company Command Squad - chimera, and misc squad upgrades
8+1 psycher battle squad in chimera

Platoon - 2 squads with melta guns in chimeras + 1 command squad in chimera (not sure what he had for upgrades)
Vet squad - 3 melta guns

Devil Dog - multi-melta and template melta gun

Lemun Russ - Battle Cannon
Lemun Russ - Demolisher Cannon

The Guard MVP was the manticore.  It just chewed me up when I got out of my transports to implement an attack.  I got first turn and zoomed into position.  The guard had a poor first turn and did very little to my tanks.  Second turn the seer council was in position to multi-assault and immobilized a vendetta, chimera and wreaked a lemun russ tank.  I did as I planned and unloaded the rest of my army behind the wedge I had set up with the seer council.  Guard turn three, wiped out my seer council.  Man o man was he able to poor a ton of shots into the unit.  Part of the problem was poor rolling on my part (his vet squad took out 5 warlocks in their first rank second rank volley).  They were cleaned up then by multitudes of heavy bolters.  The farseer survived and turn three popped back into the wave serpent.

Even though the seer council was wiped out I still managed split his forces allowing the other elements of my list to focus on an isolated portion of his army.  The game went to turn seven and I lost by one objective.  What really hurt though was the multiple barrage templates from the manticore.  His manticore took out a tank, 3 wraithguard and my storm guardian squad.  Ouch.

Lessons learned.  Next time I try out the list, I will prioritize the manticore as an initial target for my seer council.  One thing I learned with the seer council was that If I managed to wedge them in close enough to his units during a multi-assault, he was unable to target them with his large blast templates without hitting his own units.  Also, I think next time I will use singing spears to target a troop carrier of some sort to try and spill out the troops.  That way the seer council has a squad it can multi-assault into in order to mitigate return fire.  The Wraithguard did ok.  My mistake with them was not using terrain available to take advantage of cover for his high strength low ap blast templates.

Over all I liked the way the list played even though I lost.  The game was close and my original game plan worked to a limited extent.  I was able to bottle neck his army using the seer council as a wedge and penned in his tanks with my wave serpents.  If I was to make a change, I might drop a warlock from the seer council, a single avenger and the storm guardians warlocks singing spear to give the wraithguard a warlock with conceal.  After the the seer council was wiped the farseer was able to dedicate his fortune ability to the wraithguard.  I think conceal giving them a 5++ re rollable save would help them out a ton.

Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me so I don't think I'll write up a proper battle report.  Next time (and there will be a next time) I play this list I will make sure to have my camera and write up a proper turn by turn battle report.

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