Sunday, November 20, 2011

Building a Necron List with Lychguard and Trayzn

So, I've had a chance now to read the new codex and over all I like it.  Thought I would try my hand at building a list using Lychguard with the shields simply because I really like the new models.  I wanted to include a Necron Lord with res orb and warscythe to give them a boost to their reanimation protocols and the ability to deal with walkers and vehicles in HtH.  Finally I figure that with all the points I've put into this squad that Trazyn should join the unit to effectively make them scoring.  In order to assure that he will stay with the squad I'm not going to take any other overlords, cryptics or lords so that he cannot inadvertently leave the squad should he die.

I also want to  protect the squad from psychic attacks that target their ld score.  So I'm going to include a min of one spider with gloom prism.  If I'm taking tomb spiders then I'm going to take scarabs to boot.  Because I'm limiting myself to only upgrading the lychguard squad I figure I should horde up on my troop choices.  So the end result looks like this:


8 Lychguard with dispersion shields + 1 Necron Lord with Res Orb and Warscythe

6 x 10 Necron warrior squads

3 x 9 Scarab swarms

3 Spiders with Gloom Prism's

Overall I think the list looks a lot like a Nid list with one big exception.  It can deal with armour at range.  The Necron warriors give me 6 scoring squads, that can deal with infantry at range and stunlock any armoured vehicle in the game.  They will get blown out of the water in assaults but I think that this is compensated by the return firepower that the necrons can bear down on an exposed squad.  Also, the Spiders and Lychguard provide the army with some counter assault abilities.

For deployment, I would layer the army like a nid list, overlapping squads of necron warriors with the lychguard at its core.  The Spiders will be placed to maximize the pyschic defence over army and in the early phases of the game spawn more scarabs.  As for the scarabs, they will hide behind the wall of necron warriors slowly building their numbers up.  Timing wise, I think I would only use them on vehicles that have been stun locked to maximize their entropic strikes.  Over all there are a 100 models in the list that should provide durability by sheer force of numbers coupled with reanimation protocols.  The army would advance as a group to gain the middle ground.

I think the list has potential at any rate with 7 scoring units.  I also think it could be built on the cheap if one were to pick up all the used Necron warriors that have sprung up across the internet.  So there you have it my two bits.

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  1. Great work, I like your strategy.
    However, I think you may need some crypteks into your army, one because if Trazyn joins the lychguards and they are trapped in combat, they will get annihilated because he can't jump into any other model w/ surrogate hosts.
    Crypteks: maybe you could bring the harbinger of despair, they're pretty good, som,ewhat at armor-poppin' and some of their wargear is awesome.