Thursday, October 3, 2013

Almost There: 1250 Iyanden Starter List

I've settled on my 1250 list and have begun getting it assembled.  As you can see in the photo above it is very minimal.  I will build play and paint this list to get a feel for what is needed to expand it.  Here we go:

Spirit Seer - Helm

5 Wraith Guard - D-Scyths, Wave Serpent, Scatter Lasers
5 Wraith Guard
5 Wraith Blade - Axes

Wraithlord - 2 Star Cannons
Wraith Knight

Total Points: 1250 on the nose
Total Models: 20 (ohs nose)

Only point of contention I have with the list right now (other than the extreme low model count) is whether or not to replace the wraith blades with bog standard wraith guard.  Variety being the spice of life I've decided to go with the axes in leu of more shooting.  The wraithblades will camp my board edge objective along with the wraithlord.  The wraith blades can bubble wrap the wraithlord adding some extra protection from drop pod assaults and other nasty surprises.  The 4++ save makes them very hardy against hell drakes as well.  With that squad goes the spirit seer.

The Farseer will attach to the wraith guard squad and roll on the divination tree.  Goal is to get the 4++ save power.  This squad pushes forward mid field supported by the wraith knight.  The d-scyth wraith guard can push a flank or intervene where needed.

As for anti air I have 5 guided strength 10 shots and my wave serpent.  Not the best but the Eldar do not have great options in this department.  Because of this, part of me is thinking that I should replace the wraithblades with another 5 wraithguard.  I forgoe durability for the ability to twin link 10 strength 10 shots.

The wraithlord I equiped with 2 starcannons.  His job is to provide supporting fire focusing on heavy infantry.  Because he is a character he will get a precision shot on a roll of a six.  This will help me take out special weapons such as grav guns on bikes.  The spirit seer gives him battle focus so I have a limited ability to jump shoot jump with him.  I did not give him the sword as I don't think he needs it.  He can smash attack to get to strength ten if required.  If strength 10 is not required then strength 9 really is not that much different than strength 8.  The master crafted aspect is nice but I want to keep him shooting.  I get this ability at any rate with the spirit mark from the spirit seer.

Not sure what I will do beyond 1250.  Once the 1250 is assembled and painted I should have a few games under my belt.  I'll turn my mind to growing the list then.  In closing here is a close up photo of the assembled wraithlord.  I'm happy with the way it turned out.  Reminds me of the spartan destroid from robotech.


  1. Provided you don't face Dark eldar your list should do very well. If you do come across the darker kin... good luck.

    Nice list, keep up the good work.

  2. lol, I've been thinking that I might fight fire with fire and ally in some dark Eldar after 1250 points. Thanks for the feedback man