Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hybrid Iyanden Army to Tackle New Space Marines

Hobby time stalled out last week and I've only got back to getting my 1250 list together.  The 5 wraith blades are assembled with only 4 more d-scyths to go.  I cannot stress how cool these wraithguard models are.  I really want to make them work.  Once the list is built I can get some games in at my FLGS. I've been thinking lately though that a hybrid army might be the way to go using wave serpents and wraith axes for bigger games.

With the prevalence of marine bikes I've been thinking that bubble wrapping 20 wraith units around 4 wave serpents might be a good idea.  Wave serpents die hard to assaults.  Especially assaulting marines. With the wraith blades you can provide some good interference.  I think this could really be effective if combined with rangers to provide another layer of defence.  The list I'm thinking about would look something like this.


2 x 10 wraithguard/blades

2 x 5 rangers
4 x 5 avengers - serpent, holo, lasers


Total Points: 1995

So the way I see the list working is the rangers infiltrate to prevent scout moves.  The wraith units set up as close the opponent as possible and push forward blocking incoming assaults to the wave serpents. The wave serpents set up on the board edge as far away from the opponent as possible.  The wraithknight stays with the wave serpents to provide the last layer of defence against assaults and drop pods.  Baharroth can join units that might require hit and run.  He also can bully weak units or scoot forward to help out rangers.  Just a rough idea but I'm trying to come up with a productive way to utilize the wraith guard models.  At any rate I'll play some games with my 1250 list before putting more wraith units together.

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