Friday, October 4, 2013

Working away at Iyanden

Started putting wraith blades together, they look deadly.  As I'm wont to do I've been rethinking my list. Because I'm not taking two squads of bog standard wraithguard I'm wondering if I need the farseer.  2 HQ's is a lot of points when I have so few models on the table top.  It might be better to drop the farseer and take a unit of 5 jetbikes and give the wave serpent holo-fields.

Moving up then to 1500 I can take another squad of wraithguard and perhaps 3 shadow weavers.  Then beyond an Autarch on jetbike with soulshrive and banshee mask.  Seeing as this is Iyanden I could also fit in a hemlock wraithfighter.

Just brainstorming really, going to keep on modeling though.

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