Friday, August 12, 2011

Base Coat Down on Assault Squad

Managed to work on the Flesh Tearers this afternoon.  Got a base coat down on my 10 man assault squad.  No air brush just yet, though I might just save it for the tanks.  Anyway, as far as the squad goes, I painted all the red bits with mechrite red and went back with chaos black and painted all the bits that needed it including outlining between areas where the armour plates required it..  I will paint up the remaining 5 man assault squad the same.  Next step, after all 15 assault troops have a base coat down, I think I'm going to give them a wash of black then layer the red bits red gore.  After that it will be time to go back and paint the details (eyes, purity seals, shoulder pads).  Paint the bases then done!

As always, I'm continually making army lists.  I've attached a photo of my tentative 2k list.  No way ultra competitive but I've got Seth and a healthy dose of death company.

Librarian - fear the darkness, shield

2 Priests

10 man Tac Squad - melta gun, power fist, missile launcher, rhino
10 man Assault Squad - power fist, 2 melta guns, rhino
5 man Assault Squad - melta gun, twin lascannon razorback
8 Death Company
Death Company Dread

Fast Attack:
2 Baal Predators

Storm Raven - extra armour, twin plasma cannons, twin multi-melta
Predator - lascannon sponsons.

Total Points: 2k

Ultimately this is just a tentative list.  I'm not sure if I want to run the termies at this point.  As far as Seth goes, I want to try running him with the Death Company.  I figure with Seth and a Chaplain, I don't need to give the Death Company any upgrades.  Seth takes care of any dreads or tanks that they come across and the Chaplain allows the Death Company to re-roll 32 to hit and wound rolls at weapon skill and strength 5.  I figure I really do not need power weapons with this torrent of attacks.

Got my painting mojo back at any rate.  I hope to get a game in next week at my LGS with my 1k list and start getting some practice in with it.  Hopefully by then I will have the majority of my infantry completed.

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