Monday, August 8, 2011

Working on the Flesh Tearers

I got a bit of work in on the flesh tearers tonight.  My thousand point list is assembled and primed.  Now I need to work in a day to try out using an air brush to throw down a coat of blood gore.  Not sure if I should do a layer of merchrite red first and then a layer of blood gore...  I will go back and paint out the black parts properly.  As for the tanks not sure how I want to paint them.  I like the dark with touches of blood gore I've on the one tank.  I might try taping off the red areas to apply the air brush to then touch up the black bits.  I don't think I want to just blast the whole tank red.

The 1k list I've built is as follows:

Librarian - blood lance, shield

2 Priests

10 Tac Squad - power fist, missile launcher, melta gun, rhino
10 Assault Squad - power fist, 2 melta-guns, rhino
5 Assault Squad - melta-gun, twin-linked lascannon razorback

Predator - lascannon sponsons

Total 1k

Not the most optimal at 1k but solid non the less.  The general idea is to combat squad the tac squad with the sergent and meltagun riding in the rhino (the farseer and a priest tags along).  The other half of the tac squad forms part of my gun line.  Beside them is the 5 man assault squad with the lascannon razorback.  The second priest sits in the tank to give the exposed tac squad FNP.  As for the predator it will set up somewhere that has good line of site and is protective of its side armour.  I put a melta gun in the 5 man tac squad encase of outflanking armour.  The remaining 10 man assault squad along with the librarian's crew strike out to claim an objective and push the attack.  Over all I think the list is flexible to deal with all sorts of lists that might show up at my local gaming store on game night.

I also picked up a box of assault terminators over the weekend and put the sergeant together.

I like the pose where he is bracing for an impact on his storm shield.  Not sure how I want to assemble the other 4 but I'm thinking 2 more storm shields and 2 lightning claws.  As far as painting goes I can add a squad of 5 termies in a landraider to bring the list up to 1500 points.  Probably not the wisest decision but man if I'm going to run with space marines I really want to try out terminators.

Anyway I'm happy that I've progressed, with painting the army.  As for the Eldar I still plan to get some games in to fine tune my list, but as far as painting goes I'm going to slap some paint on the marines as quick as possible.

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