Friday, August 5, 2011

Manhandled by Fateweaver

Got a game in yesterday against deamons at 1k.  The game was roll dice and tie with pitched battle deployment.  I brought the following list:

Farseer - Doom, RoWard, Spear

5 Dragons - wave serpent, shuriken cannon up and down, stones

10 Avengers - wave serpent, EML, stones
10 Storm Guardians - fusion guns, wave serpent, EML, stones

(2) Fire Prisms

He had from memory:


3 Blood Crushers
5 (or 6) Fiends

about 8 pink horrors with bolt
about 8 plague bearers with icon

(2) Deamon Princes (no upgrades)

We played on a 4x4 board.  I went first and used my first turn to spread my tanks out to give cover saves all around.  Not much to say, I did not play a strong game.  Wish I could blame the loss on my dice but I was out played and maneuvered.  I just could not put wounds on his models.  The hardest part was dealing with Fateweaver allowing him to re-roll armour saves.  All I was able to do was dance around plunking shots to little effect.  The small game board hurt as my mobility was hamstrung.  In order to stay away from his deamons, I was forced to continually move flat out, which cut my fire power down to nothing.

At any rate a fun game though.  The fella I played was a good guy and the game progressed smoothly.  Changes to the list?  I think I need to drop a fire prism and work in a seer council for the 1k bracket.  I love the seer council, allows the eldar to play more aggressively.  I'm not a big fan of playing Eldar at 1k but its the cap at my LGS.

As it stands though, I think I'm going to take a break from the Eldar for a little bit.  A friend is going to let me try out his air brush so I plan to use it on my Flesh Tearers.  I have my etched brass and after I place it on my tanks I want to paint up 1k of points with the gun.  I would like to try it on the Eldar but I'm too far into painting the army to want to take a chance on switching painting methods.  Though, if my marines turn out well, I may try my hand at painting my seer council with the air gun.

I'm hopeful that trying out the new painting method works out well.  My friend has been painting up a storm with the air brush getting an IG army together far more quickly than if he had painted by hand.  His army is looking great.  So if I can speed up my painting process with the air gun, I think I might invest in one myself.

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