Monday, August 1, 2011

Seer Council + 5 Wraithguard at 1.5k Part II

Well as said earlier, here is my battle report with respect to my last loosing battle against the guard.  I took photo's at the end of each turn so'll post them in order of the game as it progressed.  I'm going to just write some captions in the photo's then write a little summation of the game.  Not sure how it will read but I want to experiment with the format.

The two opposing armies.

The mission was dawn of war roll dice and tie.
I got first turn and placed the two serpents forward to limit the guards deployment

End of Guard movement turn one.  

The guard player started off the board during deployment and rolled everything on turn one.  I had used my movement turn to bunker down my tanks to try and weather the oncoming Guard fire storm...

End of Eldar's turn two.

My guardian wave serpent is immobilized from the last guard round.  The seer council pushes forward towards his heavy tanks.  The falcon is taking pot shots from my objective.

End of Eldar turn three.

In hindsight I made the mistake here that lost me the game.  I should not have moved the seer councils wave serpent.  I should have disembarked the council when they were surrounded by troops.  It would have been the perfect wedge.  The Avengers and Wraithguard should have moved in front of the Vendetta.  The Wraithguard could have taken it out and the Avengers could have shot up his infantry.  I then should have moved the seer council's wave serpent back to collect my stranded guardians.  But for some reason I break up my assault and over extend my seer council.

End of Guard turn three.

My Seer Council is devastated and an opportunity squandered.  It all falls apart here on in.

End of Eldar turn four:

The remnants of the seer council wreak the pyscher battle squad's ride.  My wraithguard destroy the vendetta.  My Avengers redeploy to try and co-ordinate an attack with my guardians.  My fail continues to grow as I split up my forces allowing the guard player to piecemeal me.

End of Guard turn four:

The battle squad finishes off my farseer.  My guardians are wiped by the manticore.  Avengers do nothing. The wraithguard are wiped out and their wave serpent imobalized.  It's at this point I think I'm going to loose the game.

End of Eldar Turn 5:

If the game ends on this turn It's a tie.  I have his objective contested with an Avenger squad in cover and a wave serpent.  I have my objective claimed by my falcon but likely contested by a guard squad.

End of Eldar turn Five:

The guard player cleaned up my units on his objective and sent another chimera down to try and claim the objective.

Turn Six - Eldar tabled by Guard.


Turn three lost me the game.  I believe my initial set up and attack was well played though.  But one thing with Eldar, make a mistake and the house of cards comes tumbling down.  I've got it in me to try one more game with the wriathguard, but to be honest, I don't think they are going to make the cut.  I'm already planning out a new direction to take my army.  One thing for sure is that the seer council will be sticking around for awhile

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