Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Work on the Flesh Tearers Continues...

Albeit at a snails pace.  I've reevaluated my painting strategies and rather than try and dedicate a large chunk of my time to paint up a storm, I've piecemealed my painting.  I've been consistent over the last while to just take 40 min to an hour a day to plug away at my 1k list.  It helps that I have my painting method down pact to get my boys up to a three colour min.  I'm painting large blocks in stages and avoiding mixing colours so that its easy to pick up a brush and get at it every day.  The following two photo's showcases the different steps I've been taking.

So, after the models are assembled, basing and primed I've been painting up the marines in segments.  Building on the black primer I painted the plates of the power armour with merchrite red trying to maintain the natural shading of the primer in the recesses.  Next step I go back and touch up the black areas that the primer did not cover.  I washed the model in badab black then dry brushed silver on the joints and chest regalia.  The stage I'm currently working on now is painting a layer of red gore on the red bits.  I think the next step after this will be to paint astronomican grey on all the shoulder buzz saw symbols and edge highlight the black areas as well.  Its a long process but every day sees me closer to a finished product.  As for the tanks, saving them for last.  I plan to tape off the red areas and get my hands dirty with an airbrush.

I got a game in with the army last week as well.  Man, even though the guilt hit for leaving my Eldar behind, it was nice to play with a strong book.  I played my Imperial Guard buddy again and steam rolled through the game.  A lot had to do with poor luck on his part but a large part was also due to playing with a strong codex.  Having a strong army makes it a lot easier to get inspired to paint your models.

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