Thursday, August 28, 2014

Guardian squad built and ready for priming

Guardian squad is built.  I realy like these models but... there is a world of difference between the older sculpts and what is being released now.  Tons of mold lines to clean up and the assembly requires more attention to assure close fits of the parts.  That all said I do feel the newer mini's produced by gw have lost a lot of customization. 

I'm away this weekend so I likely won't get back to this squad until next week.  Plan is to prime white then prime with army painter yellow.  I'll paint the heads seperatetly after because of the delicate nature of painting yellow.  I'm debating drilling out the barrels of the guns.  The catapults have a squarish nozzle so im not sure if its worth the effort.

Not going to worry about what comes up in my next 500 point block.  Plan to just focus on my current 500 points.  Ill be going up against the new orks so I'll  have some fun challenging games ahead of me. 

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