Sunday, January 30, 2011

Testing the list

I was able to get a game in last night and try out my previous 1.5k list I had posted.  I made a few minor changes resulting in the following list:

Eldrad - 210 points

9 Scorpions + 1 Exarch with claw, wave serpent, stones, shuriken cannon - 297

9 Avengers + 1 Exarch with blade storm, dual catapults, wave serpent, stones, brigtlance - 297 points
10 Storm Guardians + 1 Warlock with embolden, spear, 2 fusion guns, wave serpent, stones, EML - 255 points
5 Rangers - 95 points

1 Falcon with holo field, stone, shuirken cannon - 165
3 War Walkers with scatter lasers.

I made a few changes to the list so that I could swap out the Night Spinner for the Falcon.  Even though I am stuck with the Rangers I don't want to treat them as a complete throw away unit.  Therefore the idea is that the Falcon can support them in an anti-infantry capacity and if necessary spirit them away in the face of an assault.  In order to fit it in I down graded the Storm Guardian wave serpent load out to an EML from the brightlance.  That left me with 5 points to spare so I gave the Warlock embolden.  I was originaly planning to run Eldrad with the Scorpions to provide an extra bit of umph in an assault; however, I thought it prudent to stick him with the Guardians so that he could re-role leadership tests.

I played demons again against the following list:

1 Great Unclean one - Noxious touch, breath of chaos, cloud of flies

2 Herald's of Tzeentch - MoS, WaL, BoT

3 Bloodcrusher's

5 Fiends of Slaanesh

5 Fiends of Slaanesh

6 Plaguebearers - Icon

6 Plaguebearers - Icon

5 Bloodletters of Khorne

5 Pink Horrors + Changeling

2 Daemon Princes - Mark of Nurgle, Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch

My friend had to proxy some models as he is in the process of building his list so the photo's may be a bit confusing.

Turn One:

I had turn one, in hindsight I should have started my army in reserve but I thought if I circled my serpents I could prevent any rear armour shots.  The Rangers set up in the tower on the hill with the Falcon close by for support.  Demons in turn two did not get there preferred wave so right off the hop things were not going well for him.

So to explain the photo the scarab swarms were proxied for fiends of slannesh and the necron destroyers represented blood crushers.  Over behind the tower dropped 5 blood letters going in to assault the rangers.

Turn 2:

First thing I did was fail my outflank role for the warwalkers.  In response to his placement of demons, my first priority was dealing with the fiends of slannesh.  Last thing I wanted was for him to multi -assault my tanks with them.  So they were doomed by eldrad and guide given to the Avengers.  I also doomed the demon prince who appeared right by the far right wave serpent.  In the back (and out of sight the rangers managed to kill one blood letter and the falcon downed a second one.  I figured they would not servive his next turn assault.

The demons then begin there turn and manage to bring in all but one demon prince and one troop squad of plague bearors.  Note he had two mishaps, I was able to place the first hearold of Tzench on the table in cover in an attempt to avoid rear armour shots.  He also lost a squad of plague bearers on a roll of two.  The blood letters charged my rangers and killed two models, I was able to down one more of his squad.  The Greater demon deep struck right in front of the avengers and was able to put a template down killing three of them.  The pink horrors tried to shoot me up but I was able to make my cover saves.  The blood crushers then asasulted the guardian wave serpent on the far left.  Needing 6's to hit and 5's to glance he manage to shake the tank.  His demon prince also tried to assault the scorpion wave serpent but failed to roll a 6 to hit.

Turn 3:

No warwalkers yet this turn.  His my scorpians charged the pink horrurs and wiped them out, then consolidated to try and get back in the wave serpent next turn.  Not much happened with my other two wave serpents.  At the beginning of my turn I had fortuned the two wave serpents then moved them to the table edge.  The scorpions wave serpent was again assaulted by the demon prince though this time he shot the flamer template on my scorpions.  wiped over half the squad out.  Falcon in the back managed to put a couple of wounds on his hearald on the table edge.In the back the rangers loose another model then break from combat and start running off the table.  He managed to get his remaining models in on the deep strike including the second herold (the trygons are proxied in).

Turn 4:

The warwalkers come on table.  I shuffle my tanks over and get my avengers ready for another bladestorm.    The rangers in the back take a couple of pot shots at the blood letters as they head to the table edge to no effect.  The falcon puts another wound on the hearold close to the table edge.  The walkers (guided by eldrad) unleash on the blood crushers (doomed by eldrad).  They evaporate.  The Avengers blade storm the hearold on the table edge (doomed by eldrad).  It disapears back into the warp.  I did make a big mistake though.  I did not move the scorpion wave serpent as far left as I could.  I was thinking I could put some wounds on the second hearlod.  His respnose saw my scorpion wave serpent get imobalized then blown up after an assault.  The scorpions failed there pinning test and loose a few models, leaving the squad at 4 elves strong.  The remaining hearold managed to kill 2 Avengers and a warwalker

Turn 5:

Things are looking good for me as the game winds down.  Eldrad guides the two remaining warwalkers which take out the second hearold.  The Falcon clears up the remaining two blood letters.  His response was to wipe out my scorpions in assault with the demon prince.  we rolled the dice and proceeded onto turn 6.

Turn 6:

Not much to say, the warwalkers kill 4 out of 5 of the remaining fiends of slaanesh squad with the aid of .  My avenger squad was fortuned and turbocharged away from the corner.  He tried to get into assault range with his nurgle demons but rolled low on his slow and purposefull rolls.  Game ends on turn six.  I scorred 7 kill points to his 2.  All in all a good start to my list.  However, I must take my win with a grain of salt.  From what I gather demons have quite a bit of difficulty with mech Eldar.  Anyway sorry about any typo's as I went along, and I hope you enjoy the battle report.

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